HOA and the Missing Palm tree

Good grass and all trees are alive. The Green circles show the other plants in the yard that we are not worried about for this post. The “Pink” circle show the tree that we are getting fined for.

Our Full sun grass has not made it, but that’s a different post. You can see the 2 trees/bush are still in larger side of my front years. They look find and well keep.

This is the other side of our front yard. As you can see, the tree is not even there. Here is the funny Part, the tree has been gone for more then 3 months. It died over the winter.

Then we started to get the letters.  This is only the last one but as you can see in the images above this is a none isseu(the palm tree).

Its like they did not even look. In fact we thought the first one was an oversight, the secenod one was dumb but the 3rd time and now “threatening” fees… Its sad that they messed up 3 months in a row.

I would like to file a forma complante agents the people incharge of this and really feel that the amout of times this has happened to more then just us, that the person be removed from this role.


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